Conference – Law, Language and Communication, Caserta, Italy

reggia casertaThe Centre for Research in Language and Law (CRILL) is holding its 4th international conference, entitled “Law, Language and Communication:
negotiating cultural, jurisdictional and disciplinary boundaries” from 26 to 28 May 2016, in Italy, at the Royal Palace of Caserta (National School of Public Administration).

The biennial conference attracts a wide spectrum of scholars and professionals from the fields of language and the law, as well as other related areas.

Proposals are invited for papers and posters from diverse (applied linguistic) analytical perspectives, such as text, (critical) discourse and genre analysis, ethnographic/narrative discourse analysis, multimodal discourse analysis, pragmatics, sociolinguistics, and other non-linear approaches to discourse analysis including, but not necessarily limited to, the following areas of enquiry:

 Law, language and communication within or across:

  1. academic, professional and institutional contexts
  2. other disciplinary fields in academic, professional, institutional and organizational contexts (business, economics, finance, management, politics, sociology, psychology, medicine, healthcare, social work, etc.)
  3. conflict resolution strategies and approaches (conciliation, negotiation, mediation, arbitration, class actions, business ventures, diplomacy, peace-building)
national and international (multilingual, multicultural) legal jurisdictions, including issues of denationalization, transnationalization and globalization in legal communication
the industrial media (press, radio, television, etc.) or the social-media technologies (Internet forums, weblogs, social networks, etc.)

Law, language and communication in:

  • 6.  courtroom trials (communication with juries, etc.) and/or other proceedings (police interviews, lawyer interviews, etc.), including the use of forensic linguistics techniques
7.  legal reasoning and argumentation processes and products
8.  legal linguistics research and practice, including issues of knowledge sharing and community building in expert-lay legal communication
  • 9.  teaching/learning research and practice for the academy and the workplace (language skills training to non-practising lawyers, interdisciplinary/interprofessional collaboration, technology and new digital media, etc.)
  • 10.  translation and interpreting research and practice (various forms of audiovisual translation and interpreting, legal terminology and lexicography, training of legal translators and interpreters, IT tools, etc.)

17071979056_44e7bcca29_hThe keynote speakers are all leaders in these fields – as you will see. For further information about the conference theme, organization, abstract submission and registration, see the conference website here. Organization: Department of Law, University of Naples 2, English Language Chair. Conference Convenor: Girolamo Tessuto.

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