Conference proceedings – European Guide for Legal Expertise

cassazione romaThe European Expertise & Expert Institute (EEEI) has made available online the documents and videos from its plenary conference held in late May this year at the Italian Court of Cassation, Rome, Italy.

The conference was focused on the European Guide for Legal Expertise (EGLE) project, and was entitled “Civil judicial expertise in the European Union“.

The programme of the conference was divided into presentations and public debate in the following four Working Group areas:

  • Appointing an expert: mission and expectations
  • Expertise proceedings and the expert’s report
  • Qualifications, competence, and the assessment of experts
  • The status and ethics of experts: free exercise and liability.
Videos (EN, FR, IT) of conference proceedings and PowerPoint presentations (FR) from each working group can be downloaded from the EEEI website here.
A personal overview of the conference (in English) by Allen Hirson, Forensic Speech Scientist and Governor of the (UK) Expert Witness Institute, can be found here.


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