The Oyez Project

supreme court washOyez, a free law project at Chicago-Kent College of Law, is a multimedia archive devoted to the Supreme Court of the United States and its work.

It is a complete and authoritative source for all audio recorded in the Court and deposited with the National Archives beginning with the installation of a recording system in October 1955.

Oyez also provides detailed information on all justices and offers a panorama ‘tour’ of portions of the Supreme Court building, including the chambers of some of the justices.

All audio recorded in the Court from October 1955 to the most recent audio release has been digitized. All arguments and opinion announcements have been transcribed, speakers have been identified, and the audio signal has been aligned to the sentence level. This amounts to more than 14,000 hours of audio or 66+ million words.

The beta version of the website can found here.

For fascinating details about the project’s development and technical information relating to the recordings, see here.

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