Formations – Commerce international

The Chamber of Commerce for Paris and Ile-de-France is offering introductory courses on international trade. There are two in particular that I think might appeal to people working with legal language…

  • Approfondir le cadre juridique des contrats internationaux (5 November 2015, to be held in French & English and led by an English-speaking lawyer)
  • Réduire les risques liés à la rédaction des contrats avec le Clear Legal English (6 November 2015, also led by an English-speaking lawyer)

There are also a number of 1-day seminars in October and November examining intercultural issues – on working with Brazilians, Russians, and Indians, as well as those from Japan, China, Africa, and the Gulf States. Not to mention a fascinating 2-day course for Japanese and Indian businesspeople wanting to “Décrypter les ‘French Codes’ pour réussir avec les français“.

For further information see the CCI website here and here.

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