Monday smile – Pennsylvania vs. 2,447 Bottles of Wine

wineplugI promised to keep you updated (see the first part of the story here), so…

In the case Pennsylvania vs. 2,447 Bottles of Wine (yes, really)¹, news is that the judge has decided that the fine wine, confiscated from a collector under the State’s fierce laws on alcohol sales, is to be destroyed.

So for the wine lovers amongst you, this may actually be Monday tears rather than a Monday smile! 😉

[For the numerically OCD (like me!): 2,447 bottles were initially confiscated, 1,047 returned to the collector for ‘personal use’ as a settlement part-way through the case, some broken, some used in evidence, 1,352 to be destroyed.]

Bloomberg has the full story here. The only hope is that the application by the Attorney General’s office for a waiting period of 30 days before proceeding with the destruction, in case of appeal, might be granted.

Watch this space…


¹ Full citation: Pennsylvania v. 2,447 Bottles of Wine, CP-15-MD-3176-2014, Court of Common Pleas, Chester County, Pennsylvania (West Chester).


hand gesture body languageYou might also like this post on odd case names: South Dakota v. Fifteen Impounded Cats.

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