Lawyer-linguist & legal translator diplomas GA/EN

kingsinnsThe deadline for applications for Advanced Diplomas in Lawyer-Linguistics and in Legal Translation offered by The Honorable Society of King’s Inns, Ireland’s oldest School of Law (dating from 1541!) has been extended to Monday 21 September 2015.

Here is the introduction to the courses:

Irish is an official language of the European Union. EU institutions recruit lawyer–linguists and legal translators with high competence in Irish to positions in the European Parliament, Commission, Council and Court of Justice. Pay and conditions in such positions are excellent.

Translators translate legislation and other official documents. Lawyer–linguists, who have law degrees and/or professional legal qualifications, ensure that the various language versions of legislation are of the same effect throughout the Union. Lawyer–linguists also translate pleadings in the Court of Justice.

The aim of these courses [is] to prepare students for the EU’s recruitment process and examinations, however King’s Inns cannot guarantee that participants will secure employment with the EU on completion of the course.

The Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht provides […] support for these courses.”

Full alternately bilingual details are available from the King’s Inns website here.


Credit: A hat tip to Dr Karen McAuliffe for making me aware of this program.

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