Global Legal Skills conference, Verona, Italy

veronaThe 2016 Global Legal Skills Conference (GLS-11) offers an opportunity to share best practices in international legal skills education, in the beautiful surroundings of Verona, Italy.

This year’s conference at the University of Verona Department of Law runs from Tuesday 24 May to Thursday 26 May 2016.

The first Global Legal Skills conference was held at The John Marshall Law School in Chicago, an intimate conference connecting legal writing professionals who had an interest in teaching international students and foreign lawyers.

Since that first conference, GLS has grown to include not only legal writing faculty, but also international and comparative law professors, clinical faculty, linguists, librarians, judges, attorneys, court translators, law students, and other scholars interested in global legal skills education.

Now in its 11th iteration, the conference has drawn hundreds of professionals from many disciplines and from around the world. At past conferences, as many as 30 countries have been represented.”

The deadline for the first round of proposals closed on 30 January, but I am reliably informed by the organizers that they will still accept proposals through the end of March. For more information about the conference, see the website here.


Hat tip to Anila Scott-Monkhouse for bringing this event to my attention.

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