Monday smile – Shakespeare and the law

shakespeareRather a ‘cultural’ Monday smile today… An article appeared earlier this year in The Economist entitled “Why lawyers love Shakespeare” (available here), which provided many examples of how quotations from the Bard are used regularly by judges all over the world.

It goes on to report on a statistical analysis of authors who are cited by Supreme Court justices in the US (and those who are not!), and also refers to modules offered by several law faculties aimed at studying “law through a literary prism“.

I then turned to the estimable Inner Temple library in London, and found this little pamphlet on links between Shakespeare and the Law which includes a brief overview, a bibliography of relevant works, and a host of legal quotations from Shakespeare – should you be needing inspiration! 😉


N.B. A hat tip to Jonathan Goldberg for making me aware of The Economist article.


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