Book – Les mots du droit/Legal Thesaurus

The third edition of Les mots du droit: Lexique analogique juridique / Legal Thesaurus by Louis Beaudoin is not a recent publication, but no less useful for all that. 

“Intended for translators and language professionals working in a bilingual English-French context, this analogical legal lexicon presents a series of French equivalents based on common terms culled from the English legal vocabulary that present particular difficulties due to their polysemous character. While traditional legal dictionaries merely provide simple translations, Les mots du droit seeks to include every possible meaning and collocation of a term. It also includes a section on prepositions.”

To find out more about this book and its author, see the publisher’s website here.


You might also be interested in this post on Expressions juridiques en un clin d’oeil, another of the author’s works.

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