Final report – Pilot database for European legal interpreters and translators

The final report of the LIT Search project, which has been working on a European pilot database of legal interpreters and translators, has just been published according to an announcement on the EULITA website dated 21 June 2017. I do encourage you to download and read it.

The report is is structured as follows:

  • a description of the project aims and outcomes,
  • details on technical content of the pilot database,
  • country reports (pages 14-55) from Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom – the way in which the country reports are set out varies considerably but they do provide insights into different procedures, requirements and legal frameworks, while the Annexes in Section 8 (pages 64-93) contain answers to questions in table form which makes grasping an overview of the information an easier task,
  • recommendations for registers.

I have copied some of the recommendations relating to legal translators’ and legal interpreters’ profiles (page 58) below.

Note: The first page of the report shows the date as February/March 2016, but we feel sure that there is a just a small error with the date – EULITA, having been involved in the project no doubt knows what it is talking about. You can download the full report from the EULITA website here.


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