What exactly is legal translation?

In the article below I wanted to provide some insights into the arcane world of the legal translator. The aim was to have some kind of go-to text that I could send people who have no idea what the profession is all about.

I hope readers will find it useful – some may find it informative depending on their backgrounds, and I would encourage any readers who feel that it could help to raise others’ awareness to share the post liberally. It’s all about roaring, don’t forget! 😉

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Survey: Legal translators, How are you briefed?

iStock_000010043942XSmallThis post is addressed to any freelance legal translators out there. I would be extremely grateful if you could spare the time (5-10 minutes) to complete the simple online survey at the link below: http://protra.wufoo.com/forms/legal-translators-how-are-you-briefed/.

Please also feel free to repost the survey link wherever you think is relevant.

There is also a little project website here: http://briefing.protrads.com/.

As you may know from reading the ‘About me’ page of this blog, in addition to my other activities, I am currently researching a PhD. The above survey forms part of the project, since one of the points I am looking at is how freelance legal translators are briefed by those commissioning translations. My aim is that the project output could lead to improvements in industry practice.

Many thanks in advance!