Monday smile – Supreme Court Guide for Bears

Lord Neuberger, President of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom had these words to say about this book: 

Isobel Williams’s drawings capture the essence of these inquisitive and endearing characters – and her words help bring to life some of the things they get up to when the Justices and staff aren’t looking.

You can see how the book developed in the blog post here.

The Supreme Court: a guide for bears is available to visitors at the UK Supreme Court shop, or directly from Isobel Williams here.

By the way, I strongly encourage you to look at her blog. Here are a few extra smiles in an extract from a post in which Williams describes her work. 🙂

What are people’s reactions to your in-court/about law sketching? Do they vary between lawyers or non-lawyers? 

When I’m drawing in the public seats of the Supreme Court, reactions fall roughly into these categories:

  • ‘Did you draw me?’
  • ‘I just love your work.’ (Thank you, Dean.)
  • ‘Where are the toilets?’
  • ‘Who’s going to win?’ Not my field, hunny. But if you’re trying to interpret the body language of the justices, be careful. There’s a difference between the performance of counsel and the undertow of judgment.
  • Not many counsel ask, ‘Can you see my best side?’ Even if they notice me through the blur of Supreme Court nerves, I think they twig that I’m not there to depict Action Person Top QC.
  • Non-lawyers say, ‘Your other blog is better.’

And last but not least, a great post about France’s Cour de Cassation.

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