Webinars – German legal system for translators

eCPD Webinars is offering a webinar course entitled “The German Legal System for Translators”, with a first module in two sessions on 16 and 23 January 2018, a second module on 6 February 2018, and a third module on 8 February 2018.


Angela Sigee (MITI, DPSI) is a fully qualified German lawyer, based in Manchester, who has been working full-time as a legal translator since 1997 and has been one of the two North-West Translators’ Networks Training and Event Managers since 2016. She also ran translation workshops for the now defunct MA in Legal Translation at City University, London, and has presented this eCPD webinar in 2013, 2014 and 2016.and has presented this eCPD webinar in 2013 and 2104 and has presented this eCPD webinar in 2013,  2104 and 2016.

Richard Delaney: Having been called to the Bar of England & Wales in 2002, Richard has worked as a lawyer in both Germany and England, as well as a specialised legal translator from German into English. He has lectured on DE-EN legal translation at City University, London.

To find out more about the webinars and to register, click here.


Greece, Corinth CanalDisclaimer: Regarding disclosure, I have no commercial relationship with the company eCPD Webinars of any kind, and provide the above details purely for information purposes.


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