Job opportunity – International Labour Organization

There is a vacancy for an Arabic translator at the International Labour Organization in Geneva, Switzerland.

The Official Documents Arabic Translation Unit is responsible for the editing, translation and revision and text processing of official ILO documents, including those submitted to the International Labour Conference, the Governing Body, Regional Meetings and Expert and Technical Meetings, as relevant, as well as documents produced by the Office of the Director-General.

Specific duties

  1. Translate from English and/or French into Arabic, a wide range of documents dealing with a variety of subjects and ensure that translations are equivalent in meaning and style to the original texts.
  2. Contribute to the development/improvement of Arabic terminology in the ILO’s terminology database by proposing new entries for validation by the Head of the Unit, identifying potential subject fields requiring terminological research and conducting such research as requested.
  3. Use, evaluate and make proposals for the improvement of computer-assisted translation and terminology (CATT) tools and keep informed of technical developments in these areas.
  4. Translate, as required, from Arabic into English and/or French, subject to revision, correspondence received by the ILO from Arab Constituents.
  5. Provide clarifications to temporary translators on the application of ILO document production procedures, use of references and CATT tools, when requested.
  6. Perform other relevant duties as assigned.

Application deadline (midnight Geneva time): 8 April 2021


Disclaimer: The above is provided as a heads-up only. Please refer to the ILO website for all information.

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