Conference – Multilingual Legislation

From Monday 13 September to Tuesday 14 September 2021, the Centre for Legislative Studies at the University of Zurich, Switzerland will hold its Anniversary Conference celebrating 20 years of the centre.

The subject is Multilingual Legislation, and the conference is expected to be held virtually and on site.

“Multilingualism creates an additional challenge for the process of legislation: Drafters have to make sure that all language versions are equivalent in both form and content. However, multilingualism can also be an opportunity: the process of drafting legislative texts in multiple languages freuqently leads to the unearthing of ambiguities and inconsistencies that would otherwise have gone unnoticed.”

“The 2021 anniversary conference will take a closer look at the advantanges and disadvantages associated with multilingual legislation. In contrast to other years, the conference will last for two days: The first day will be dedicated to the experiences that other countries have made with multilingual legislation, while the second day will be concerned with multilingual drafting in Switzerland.”

For further details click here.


Hat tip to Christine Schmit for making me aware of the conference.

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