Private Law Dictionaries and Bilingual Lexicons (FR/EN)

The Paul-André Crépeau Centre of Private and Comparative Law at McGill University in Montreal makes available its Private Law Dictionaries and Bilingual Lexicons.

The website gives access, in their French and English versions, to the following dictionaries: the Private Law Dictionary, 2nd edition (1991), the Private Law Dicitonary – Obligations (2003), the Dictionary of Private Law – Property (2012), the Private Law Dictionary – Family, 2nd ed. (2016). The Private Law Dictionary-Successions is in progress, and will gradually be added to the database.

You can find the online dictionaries here. Users are advised to consult the “Guide to the Use of the Dictionaries” (in French here), which presents the guiding principles behind the entries and the different components of their structure. The Help Section may also be useful in understanding the search engine’s various functions.

The Paul-André Crépeau Centre for Private and Comparative Law was supported in the dictionary projects by Department of Justice of Canada and the Chambre des Notaires, as well as The Canadian Bar Association, which will contribute to the online version of the Private Law Dictionary of the Family, 2nd ed. (2016).

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