Online workshop on Translation and/in Development

The Development Studies Association Ireland is holding an online workshop on Translation and/in Development on  Friday 25 February at 10:00am (Irish Time) / 17:00 (Vietnam Time).

“Practice-based development necessitates translation that involves multiple actors or agents at many levels, especially in the local contexts of the Global South.”

“For example, development actors may find themselves engaged in the translation of material and policy documents and interpreting at meetings, mostly from and into English because many donors, NGOs and development agencies originate in the Global North and use English as the lingua franca”

“However, we do not know to which extent translated policy and policy documents reflect the realities of development work on the ground. In this regard, translation may become a highly problematic feature because, while underlined as a key element in making a development project successful or unsuccessful, its role is often overlooked. The translation of development terminology found in policy documents, for example, impacts policy-making and implementation of development initiatives at local levels”.

Find out more here.

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