Book publication: Multilingual Policy-Making in the European Union

The OAPEN network for open access books, funded by various European research councils and funds, has made available the title “The Language(s) of Politics: Multilingual Policy-Making in the European Union” by Nils Ringe and just published by University of Michigan Press.

Multilingualism is an ever-present feature in political contexts around the world, including multilingual states and international organizations. Increasingly, consequential political decisions are negotiated between politicians who do not share a common native language. Nils Ringe uses the European Union to investigate how politicians’ reliance on shared foreign languages and translation services affects politics and policy-making. Continue reading

Online workshop on Translation and/in Development

The Development Studies Association Ireland is holding an online workshop on Translation and/in Development on  Friday 25 February at 10:00am (Irish Time) / 17:00 (Vietnam Time).

“Practice-based development necessitates translation that involves multiple actors or agents at many levels, especially in the local contexts of the Global South.” Continue reading