The Machine Translation Literacy Project

In Canada, a project has been launched “to inform all kinds of users about how MT systems process information, as well as to teach them how to interact with MT tools either before or after the translation phase to get results that meet their needs”.

The infographics have been widely shared over Twitter, and are so far available in English and French. The files are open access and the project website says “feel free to adapt to other languages and let us know so we can link to them!”.

During the first phase, the project is focusing on “researchers and scholars to try to help this group use MT more effectively”. Later, they will focus on other groups, “such as newly arrived immigrants, or school kids”.

The project website can be found here.

Any thoughts or suggestions from readers about this initiative?

3 thoughts on “The Machine Translation Literacy Project

  1. There are also devices for you to cut and style your hair at home. The same way professional hairdressers do not like them, I am not going to cheer MT even if I know it is unstoppable.

  2. Well put, WordstoDeeds, and thanks for the post, of course. I honestly believe MT heralds the end of our profession. I am watching the process but it is my right not to give it a hand (not to be the barber selling beardtrimmers after hours). Real-time oral and written conversion between languages will in many ways be a wonderful breakthrough for Humanity… and the end of our trade; one of the many which disappeared in the past and will disappear in future. I know lots of colleagues disagree, but that is the way I see it.

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