Traineeships Lawyer-Linguist, European Central Bank (DE, IT, FR, EN)

The European Central Bank has four vacancies for trainee lawyer-linguists in the following: German, French, Italian and English as main language.

Hurry to apply for the German vacancy (closes today), although the English vacancy closes on 1 December, the Italian vacancy closes on 2 December, and the French vacancy closes on 5 December.

As a trainee Lawyer-Linguist, you will:

  • translate draft ECB legal acts and other legal documents from English into your main language;
  • revise translations of ECB legal acts and other legal documents in your main language;
  • translate legal texts from your main language into English for internal working purposes, and revise translations from your main language into English of national laws and other legal documents;
  • contribute to the drafting of ECB legal acts;
  • carry out legal research related to legislative drafting and in areas relevant to the ECB’s activities as a central bank and a banking supervisor;
  • engage in the Legislation Division’s projects related to the development of the ECB lawyer-linguist function, knowledge management, the use of technology, etc.;
  • contribute, as required, to the work of the Legislation Division as a whole.

N.B. “If you are not selected for this position but are still considered suitable, you will be placed on a reserve list for 12 months from the closing date for applications, from which you might be considered for similar positions within the ECB.”

Find out more from the European Central Bank website here.


Disclaimer: The above is provided as a heads-up only. Please refer to the ECB website linked above for all information.

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