Online course on translation & interpreting research methods

The Centre pour la formation continue et à distance at the University Geneva is offering a course entitled ‘Foundations and Data Analysis’ in Translation and Interpreting Studies, through distance teaching from 19 September 2022 to 13 January 2023.


  • Learn how to formulate a research question
  • Expand your theoretical horizons in Translation and Interpreting studies
  • Understand the role of values and ethical implications in scientific inquiry
  • Become familiar with qualitative and mixed methods in empirical research.


PhD student, prospective PhD student and postgraduate holding an MA or equivalent degree in Translation, Interpreting, Translation Technology, Multilingual Communication Management or a related area, professional and researcher wishing to enhance their research skills in these areas.

Learning outcomes

  • Learn how to formulate a research question
  • Evaluate Translation and Interpreting studies as rapidly growing interdisciplines and map the main trends
  • Get an overview of the main methods used in qualitative research (e.g., case studies, interviews, observation)
  • Become familiar with the various ways of analysing and interpreting qualitative data
  • Assess the potential of mixed – qualitative/quantitative – methods
  • Become familiar with different types of survey research
  • Learn to understand and to overcome the ethics challenges of research.

To find out more, see the University of Geneva website.


Hat tip to Christine Schmit for making me aware of this course.

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