Monday smile – Until the cows come home

Québec has been the setting for a bovine ‘Great Escape’ since July this year, when a couple of dozen cows broke free and have only just (!) been caught.

First, some cowboys were called in to round them up, but the cows outwitted them and hid in a field of corn.

A drone was also used in the hope of pinpointing their location.

Then a rodeo was contacted “after other attempts had failed”.

Finally, a “covert operation” (yes, really) seems to have done the trick, and “most” of the cows are now back with their owner.

It’s not clear how many cows are still on the run.

The Canadian Senate has even debated the issue:

“Semaine après semaine, les vaches déjouent tous les stratagèmes. Et elles font parler d’elles jusqu’au Sénat canadien ! La sénatrice Julie Miville-Déchêne leur a rendu hommage dans l’hémicycle. “J’aimerais finalement confesser mon admiration sans bornes pour ces vaches qui ont retrouvé leur liberté et qui gambadent toujours alors que nous, nous nous engageons trop souvent dans les fleurs du tapis, elles ont appris à sauter les clôtures”, a-t-elle déclaré sous les applaudissements de ses collègues.” 😂

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