Book publication – Translating Crises

Translating Crises, recently published by Bloomsbury, explores the challenges and demands involved in translating crises and the ways in which people, technologies and organisations look for effective, impactful solutions to the communicative problems.

The chapters reflect on and evaluate the role of translation and interpreting in crisis settings.

Covering a diverse range of situations from across the globe, such as health emergencies, severe weather events, earthquakes, terrorist attacks, conflicts, and mass migration, this volume analyses practices and investigates the effectiveness of current approaches and communication strategies.

The book considers perspectives from translation and interpreting specialists, educators, emergency doctors, healthcare professionals, psychologists, and members of key NGOs, to reflect the complex and multifaceted nature of crisis communication.

Placing an emphasis on lessons learnt and innovative solutions, Translating Crises points the way towards more effective multilingual emergency communication in future crises.

Find out more, including the full Table of Contents, on the publisher’s website.

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