Monday smile – Nutella riots

Although Nutella was created by an Italian company, Ferrero, the product is also a deeply rooted part of food culture in France – especially for breakfast and as a tea-time snack. So when the supermarket chain Intermarché decided to run a promotion with a 950 g pot of Nutella at EUR 1.41, it was bound to be very popular.

However… it was *way* more popular than the retailer expected.

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Monday smile – Academia Obscura

Last week saw the publication of a book that is guaranteed to bring mirth and merriment. Not to mention make a very good Christmas present.

This is what the crowdfunding publisher, Unbound, says about it: “Academia Obscura is an irreverent glimpse inside the ivory tower, exposing the eccentric and slightly unhinged world of university life. Take a trip through the spectrum of academic oddities and unearth the Easter eggs buried in peer reviewed papers, the weird and wonderful world of scholarly social media, and rats in underpants.”

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