Why investing in linguistic & cultural mediation would pay off for business

DĂ©cidĂ©ment, this week’s posts have quite a French leaning. Today I wanted to share with you a recent article by ElĂ©onore Mandel, Professeur en Management Interculturel, École de Management de Normandie, about how intercultural issues are crucial for business. It includes some #awkward# examples of French-Japanese misunderstanding – and shows why professional language-intercultural practitioners are so needed in the corporate world. Continue reading

Glossaries of Translation Studies terms

For many years I’ve been wishing that there was (standardized) glossary of the ‘jargon’ used in translation studies – if possible multilingual – to help non-academics and newcomers to the field to understand the research literature, and also, if they wish, to write about translation using those specialist terms.  Continue reading

Monday smile – Italenglish

Not sure whether today’s post is really a smile, because languages are precious things… Still, Annamaria Testa’s wit should certainly bring amusement to your Monday in this excellent talk on “itanglese” entitled “From Bello to biutiful: what’s going on with the Italian Language?“.

Testa is a publicity and communications expert and university professor, and the founder of #dilloinitaliano.

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