Monday smile – Nutella riots

Although Nutella was created by an Italian company, Ferrero, the product is also a deeply rooted part of food culture in France – especially for breakfast and as a tea-time snack. So when the supermarket chain IntermarchĂ© decided to run a promotion with a 950 g pot of Nutella at EUR 1.41, it was bound to be very popular.

However… it was *way* more popular than the retailer expected.

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You may have seen the hashtag #mypathtolaw trending over the weekend. At a great suggestion from a friend of this blog and International Federation of Translators (FIT) Europe Board Member John O’Shea aka @Jurtrans_Ltd, this post is to launch a sister initiative: My Path to Legal Translation #mypathtolegaltranslation.

We all know that pathways to careers in legal translation will be very convoluted and interesting ones! 🙂

All legal translators interested are welcome to send in their stories, and we can publish them on a special section of the blog. Please spread the news as far and wide as possible and help to roar about legal translators!