Second Pre-conference event #W2D2017 – EU Legal Translation: Past, Present and Future?

SEMINAR Vector Letters iconThis event is one of three that book-end the #W2D2017 conference – two before and one afterwards on Monday 6 February 2016.

In the late afternoon of Friday 3 February 2017, the leading Legal Translation Studies scholar and practitioner Łucja Biel will give a seminar entitled “EU Legal Translation: Past, Present and Future?“. The talk will be a practically oriented overview of major challenges and quality parameters in institutional legal translation in the European Union institutions.

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Pre-conference event #W2D2017 – A Practical Workshop on using Corpus Linguistics for Law

WORKSHOP Vector Letters iconIn addition to the post-conference seminar Common Law in French and Civil Law in English – Bijuralism and Bilingualism à la canadienne!, I have great pleasure in announcing another event – this time before the conference, on Friday 3 February 2017 in the afternoon, entitled “A Practical Workshop on using Corpus Linguistics for Law“. There will be two workshops on that afternoon – the second one can be found here.

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