Resources digest

Just thought I would post a list of resources from posts up to now, for those who might have missed something (thanks to David T. for giving me the idea).

Do write to me if you have any useful resources that you would like to share with other readers of the blog.

The dictionary on steroids – Wordnik
A quiz about social media & online legal requirements – Are you an accidental outlaw?
A Canadian library of legal education webinars
JustCite & a precedent map
Google N-grams – a way to find out more about how words are used over time
Play word games for charity – FreeRice
Supreme Court rulings in French from 40 countries
OECD glossaries
Trilingual termbase for the Portuguese Parliament
A selection of useful iPad apps
Legal language explorer – fast search of US Supreme Court decisions
Multilingual semantic map – Sketch Engine
Coffee Break Training – Microsoft Office tutorials
Abbreviations & acronyms – the Cardiff Index
135 Corpus-based monolingual dictionaries
Mexican & US legal dictionaries in Spanish-English & English-Spanish
Spanish terminology on Criminal Procedure in Spain, France, England & the US
Termium – quadrilingual & with a legal section
HEC EU law courses

By the way, you can always click on Resources in the left-hand side bar in the Categories section to get all the posts about resources.

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