Article about forensic speech analysis & new magazine

A new language and linguistics magazine has just been launched that might interest you. The quarterly is called “Babel” and this is the editors’ description:

“Whilst Babel is written in English, it will address issues relating to many different human languages, including those under threat of disappearing as well as the world’s major languages. There will be regular features, such as biographies of influential thinkers on language (‘Lives in Language’) and explanations of technical terms (‘A Linguistic Lexicon’) and there will also be feature articles on topics of general interest as well as regular quizzes and competitions.”

The first issue contains a fascinating and very readable article about forensic speech analysis, by Peter French and Louisa Stevens (pp. 12-15). You can download a PDF sample here: Mac users be warned: the link only seems to work with Firefox – in Safari you can only see a picture.

You might also like to read this post: What exactly is forensic linguistics?


Credit: Thanks to Tim Grant for the heads-up.

2 thoughts on “Article about forensic speech analysis & new magazine

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