Registration open for forensic linguistics summer school

SYMBOLThe fourteenth edition of the International Summer School in Forensic Linguistic Analysis is to be held at Aston University, Birmingham, UK, from 14-18 July 2014. There will be two tracks – introductory and advanced. Registration is now open.

You can access the registration forms here, and more information is available by clicking on the tabs on the same page.

The Summer School addresses subjects within the broadly defined discipline of forensic linguistics, including the structure of legal language, forensic authorship attribution, copyright issues, plagiarism and its detection, and forensic phonetics. We work with authentic language data and use real cases to illustrate theory. We opt for maximum student involvement and encourage critical inquiry and debate.

Each year we invite world-renowned scholars and/or practitioners to be our guest tutors. This gives the participants the unique opportunity to interact directly with those responsible for recent developments in the field of language and the law and forensic linguistics. Apart from being professional linguists and/or lawyers, all of our tutors have first-hand experience of providing expert evidence for courts of law.


hand gesture body languageYou might also be interested in: this post on What exactly is forensic linguistics?; a guest post on ‘anonymizing’ and challenging the authority of expert witnesses; and an article on the work of forensic speech scientists (free issue 1, pages 12-15).

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