Monday smiles – A five-foot-long contract

800px-Inside_a_Hobbit_hole2Sometimes WIRED publishes great stuff – as they did earlier this year with the article A Lawyer’s Amazingly Detailed Analysis of Bilbo’s Contract in The Hobbit.

Just as a taster, here are some of the areas covered:

  • Bilbo’s Obligations to the Dwarves
  • Thorin’s Right to Alter the Journey
  • Waivers for Notoriety and ‘Unlooked-for’ Misfortune
  • Payment (and Funeral Expenses) for the Burglar

but the icing on the cake for me…

  • Mandatory Binding Arbitration in the Dwarvish Tongue
  • Jurisdiction: The Shire vs. the Dwarven Kingdom?


2 thoughts on “Monday smiles – A five-foot-long contract

  1. This is great. They’re selling copies of the contract on for USD 39.50, and a more authentic version handcrafted by “the artists of the 3 Foot 7 Art Department in Wellington, New Zealand” for USD 449.00. I’m hoping someone will buy me the more authentic-looking version for my birthday.

    Thanks as always for your wonderful blog.

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