Conference – UNESCO simulation, Corfu

493px-Ionische_Akademie_1The Ionian University, in the Greek island of Corfu is to host the first simulation of UNESCO organized in Greece, SimUnesCO Corfu. The conference will be held from August 21-24.

“Our aim is to bring together young people and through this simulation help them enhance their knowledge about UNESCO (how it works, its values and aims), understand how the international community deals with global issues and have a constructive debate.

The participants are requested to be very well prepared and informed about the structure of UNESCO, the committees in which they’ll be assigned, the topic of each committee as well as the positions of the country they will be representing on these topics and last but not least the rules of procedure. 

Thus, we invite you to SimUnesCO to express your ideas, explore one another’s view, develop your diplomatic and communication skills, negotiate, and propose innovative solutions. We hope that it will be a valuable educational experience which will bring you in touch with the international reality.”

For more information about the procedure, applications, and accommodation, see the conference website.

The organizing institution, ENOPOTEM (Laboratory of Legal, Economic, Political and Technical Translation) is part of the Department of Foreign Languages, Translation and Interpreting of the Ionian University.


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