Monday smiles – Conservez vos imbéciles…

502px-TwoDumbbellsThe movement for the French language in Quebec is up in arms once again, due to translation errors on the website of the retailer Walmart.

Conservez vos imbéciles efficacement avec l’Égouttoir d’Entreposage d’Imbécile de Barre d’haltères de Bonnet. Conçu à l’adaptabilité, l’Égouttoir d’Imbécile tient le sort, le chrome et les imbéciles de style avantageux. La Barre d’haltères de Bonnet Deux Égouttoir d’Imbécile de Gradin a un niveau plus bas orienté pour l’approche facile. Fait du lourd acier de calibre, l’égouttoir d’Imbécile de Barre d’haltères de Bonnet peut tenir jusqu’à 500 livres.”

And here is the English version…

Store your dumbbells efficiently with the Cap Barbell Dumbbell Storage Rack. Designed for versatility, the Dumbbell Rack holds hex, chrome, and pro style dumbbells. The Cap Barbell Two Tier Dumbbell Rack has an angled lower level for easy access. Made from heavy gauge steel, the Cap Barbell Dumbbell rack can hold up to 500 lbs.”

Do we sense the intervention of Google Translate somewhere?

When interviewed, Walmart blamed their suppliers for often providing unsatisfactory translations, the quality of which they find hard to control due to the volume of products on the website. However, they have stated that they are taking the situation very seriously. 🙂 For more, see this article (in French).


hand gesture body languageYou might also be interested in this post on bylaws requiring dogs to be bilingual, and this one on the Pastagate scandal.

Credit: Charles Tiayon for bringing the “imbéciles” to my attention.

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