Monday smile – Law library dog

DownloadedFile-1I happened upon this wonderful story about Yale University Law School and their officially certified therapy dog.

Monty the Jack Russell-border terrier mix can be ‘booked’ for time slots and has been ’employed’ at the law library since 2011.

As you probably know, there is much research on the relaxing and generally beneficial effects of dogs, and so one librarian had the idea of offering a dog to help students unwind.

copy-of-110329_monty_2_custom-4e1219615ef545b9a39481e5c47da93b33a46350-s3-c85In addition, the head of cataloging gave Monty an official-looking entry in the law library catalog, along with a Library of Congress classification number.

You can read more here.

Very recently, in the wake of Monty’s success, the medical school has recruited a therapy dog too, called Finn.




Photo credit: NPR, Yale University, and Monty!

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