Glossary of Canadian federal statutes (EN/FR)

3796833900_e18290d690_zI recently happened upon an English-French / French-English glossary of Canadian federal statutes.

Good points – it has plenty of compound expressions to ensure that you get the right collocates. It also gives a precise reference to the statute(s) where the terms are found. There are often extra collocates given in italics in brackets after the term entry.

Bad points – no search box to go straight to a term. You have to click on the letter and then select the expression from the left-hand alphabetical list. If your main word occurs in the middle of a multi-word expression, this makes it difficult and/or time-consuming to find.

The glossary is published by the Centre for Translation and Legal Documentation (CLTD), “a non-profit organisation founded in 1981 by the University of Ottawa and the Association des juristes d’expression française de l’Ontario (AJEFO). The CTLD was created to set up the necessary legal documentation for the practice of law and the carrying out of legal services in French, first and foremost in Ontario but in the other common law provinces and territories as well”.

You can find the glossary here.

Note for Mac users: The glossary didn’t seem to work properly in my version of Safari, but was just fine when viewed with Firefox.

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