Webinar – Interpreting […], a quality business

webinarThe International Association of Professional Translators and Interpreters (IAPTI) is offering a webinar this Friday May 30, 2014 at 5 p.m. UTC, entitled “Interpreting: An essential profession and a business… a quality business. Underlining the benefits of a good service

The webinar will be presented by Tony Rosado, and you may remember him from his guest posts When we are asked to translate useless materials; The ten worst things a judge can do to a court interpreter; and Taniguchi case outcome – A good or a bad thing for justice? 


“Although modernization produced globalization which is inconceivable without interpreting services, our profession is under siege by some special interest groups who are threatening the existence of our craft and our jobs as we know them. Technology has immensely improved the quality of our services in many ways; unfortunately, it also opened the door to other options conceived by powerful groups that under false pretenses promise interpreter services at a lower cost. This webinar will explore the ultimate consequences of these new “options” and will provide professional interpreters some effective tools needed to defend the quality of the service and the integrity of the profession.

Presenter: Tony Rosado

Tony Rosado is a certified court and Department of State interpreter, a perito traductor, and an attorney from Escuela Libre de Derecho in Mexico City. As a high-profile conference interpreter he has worked all over the United States and abroad. He has interpreted for the court system at all levels, international organizations, the Olympic Games, radio and TV broadcasts and countless conferences. He has interpreted for many top level politicians, celebrities, and entrepreneurs, including the radio broadcast of President Obama’s speech at the Democratic Convention. He is an interpretation and comparative law visiting professor at various universities in the U.S. and overseas, a well-known conference presenter all over the world, and the author of the popular blog The Professional Interpreter.”

Find out more and register here on the IAPTI website.

hand gesture body languageYou may also be interested in this post about Tony’s book, The New Professional Court Interpreter.


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