Surveys on legal translation now closing

Closing soon clockRegular readers may have noticed the links at the top left of this blog to two surveys – one for those commissioning/buying legal translations, and the other for freelance legal translators.

The surveys form part of a PhD project, and I am now about to close them and write up the results.

So if anyone knows a person that might be willing to complete either survey, and has not yet done so, could you kindly let them know asap?

Please feel free to repost/retweet/communicate this message as widely as possible. Thank you! 🙂

Just to recap…

Survey of Commissioning

This survey is aimed at lawyers, law firms, in-house counsel, para-legals, court workers, and the judiciary, to investigate issues encountered when commissioning legal translations.

It can be accessed here:

There is also a small project website here:

Survey – Legal translators, How are you briefed?

The second survey is addressed to any freelance legal translators out there, and examines how translators are briefed when sent a translation.

It can be accessed here:

There is also a little project website here:

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