Guest post – Legal translation…Why faster isn’t always better

guest bookToday I am very excited to share with you a post that, in my opinion, really sums up a great deal of best practice when buying legal translation.

The post is by Cynthia Hazleton, J.D., who is licensed to practice law in Ohio, and also has two Master’s Degrees – one in French, and one in French Translation. Cynthia has worked in the translation departments of Ernst & Young and the French Ministry of Justice, both in Paris. She teaches French Legal, Commercial and Diplomatic Translation at Kent State University, USA, and also has her own legal translation business.

Over to you Cynthia!

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Surveys on legal translation now closing

Closing soon clockRegular readers may have noticed the links at the top left of this blog to two surveys – one for those commissioning/buying legal translations, and the other for freelance legal translators.

The surveys form part of a PhD project, and I am now about to close them and write up the results.

So if anyone knows a person that might be willing to complete either survey, and has not yet done so, could you kindly let them know asap?

Please feel free to repost/retweet/communicate this message as widely as possible. Thank you! 🙂

Just to recap…

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Research into briefing & commissioning of legal translation

helpAs you may have seen in my previous posts, I am currently carrying out research into the commissioning (buying / procurement) of legal translation, and the briefing of legal translators.

I have had a good response so far, but still need more replies in order to make the research as far-reaching and reliable as possible. If you know anyone in either of the above two categories, I would be really grateful if you could pass on the survey links. From now on they will appear in the left-hand sidebar of the blog, until the surveys close.

Thank you in advance!


Survey: Calling those commissioning legal translations

160_F_47429278_5GsLSXbqijigzsuABUdsiUrQm1li9F84Following last week’s post addressed to legal translators, I would now like to ask any readers that commission (or buy / procure / receive…) legal translations, or who know someone who does, to be kind enough to pass on or complete the simple online survey at this link:

I am looking in particular for lawyers, law firms, in-house counsel, para-legals, court workers, and the judiciary.

Please feel free to repost the survey link wherever you think is relevant.

There is also a small project website here:

As you may know from reading the ‘About me’ page of this blog, in addition to my other activities, I am currently researching a PhD. The above survey forms part of the project, since one of the points I am looking at is issues encountered by those commissioning translations. My aim is that the project output could lead to improvements in industry practice.

Many thanks in advance!