Stop press – English translation of the Italian Code of Criminal Procedure

The_italian_code_of_criminal_procedure_497041.ashxWolters Kluwer CEDAM has recently published The Italian Code of Criminal Procedure: Critical Essays and English Translation.

I’ll make my position clear from the outset – anyone working in the legal field with Italian/English, including, for example, translators, lawyers, officials, or the judiciary, should buy this book *now*!

The book contains:

  • three introductory essays: the first putting the Italian Code of Criminal Procedure in a context of other legal systems and describing how it came into being; the second essay is a “reading guide” to the Code, describing its structure, the parties involved, and the process; the third is a discussion of the choices made and the way in which the translation was carried out – in terms of methodology, terminology and phraseology
  • the main body of the text – the translated Code
  • a glossary of key terms in Italian and English.

PERUZZOPIC 2The two translators have complementary expertise. Dr Katia Peruzzo (see this post including a summary of her PhD project on how legal terms behave in context) specializes in EU, British and Italian terminologies of criminal proceedings.

gianluca 2While Dr Gianluca Pontrandolfo (see this post on one of his studies, criminal judgments in Italian and US English) is a specialist in legal (and more specifically criminal) phraseology in English, Spanish and Italian.

The interdisciplinary project team was completed by two legal experts, and a native English reviser.


Greece, Corinth CanalNote: Presumably because the book has been published so recently, Wolters Kluwer have not yet added it to their website – so far I could only find it here. I’ll post an update when there is a full listing by the publishers.


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