Monday smile – Law firm blunder

Highlighting An Epic FailOops. The global law firm Weil, Gotshal & Manges hit headlines around the world recently, thanks to its April Fool about work-life balance.

A memo to all staff included a “joke” email policy stating that no emails were to be sent at night or at weekends, and that employees were not to be disturbed by emails when on holiday.

The joke backfired when some associates started to laud the initiative as being a positive step towards a better quality of life.

You can see more details, including an official apology to staff from their executive partner, on the blog Above the Law.

2 thoughts on “Monday smile – Law firm blunder

  1. Interestingly, there HAVE been workplace policies to this effect, since unless a firm actually bans disturbing employees with emails evenings, weekends and hoildays, they will inevitably feel obliged to answer them. So they could be forgiven for thinking (hoping?) this was no April Fool’s joke.

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