Online course – Dutch legal translation

EschereCPD Webinars is organizing a “Dutch-English and English-Dutch legal translation course” on 13th October 2015 and 20 October 2015, in two sessions of 90 minutes each.

Session 1 includes a discussion of the ‘Survival Kit’ (useful reference works and other sources), general background to the Dutch legal system and legal terminology (based on a question sheet); attention will be paid to the differences between the English and the Dutch legal system and the main terminology problems in various branches of law).

The second half of this session moves on to translation theory guidelines (discussion of the general principles underlying the translation of legal terminology).

Session 2  will consist of translation exercises (in which the principles discussed during the first session have to be applied) on Dutch English and English Dutch legal translation.

Further information can be found on the eCPD Webinars site.


Greece, Corinth CanalDisclaimer: Regarding disclosure, I have no commercial relationship with the company eCPD Webinars of any kind, and provide the above details purely for information purposes.

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