Participants’ gallery for #W2D2017

meetingThis post is for all those who have registered (and those who register in the next few weeks) for this blog’s first conference – Legal Translation to the Next Level – on 4 February 2017.

You will have the opportunity free of charge, if you wish, to submit for inclusion on the conference website a brief bio and photograph, with a link to your own professional website. Of course there is no obligation for those who would prefer not to do this. The gallery will be online from around mid- to late-November, depending on numbers of participant profiles received.

As soon as you have received your confirmation of registration from Eventbrite, please do send us (via conference[at] the following:

  • a succinct bio of around 50-75 words (we may edit slightly for layout purposes),
  • a good quality photo of yourself, and
  • a link to your website.

We hope that this will allow participants to get to know each other a little before the conference, thus making the day even more efficient and enjoyable. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Participants’ gallery for #W2D2017

  1. Hi Juliette,
    The conference looks really promising.
    For those of us who don’t want to be shown online, will it be possible for contact details etc. to be handed out on paper on the day itself? It is always a disappointment when other attendees’ details aren’t available so I appreciate your thoughtful approach.

    • Hello Margaret,
      Thank you very much for your comment. Every effort is being made!
      In answer to your question, absolutely, we can exchange and/or hand out details on the day.
      Looking forward to seeing you in February.
      All the best,

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