#W2D2017 *** Photographer *** stop press

photographerThis is a message for attendees of the conference Legal Translation to the Next Level #W2D2017 next week.

We have agreed with Mark Earthy, of Earthy Photography, that he will come along and shoot the event, and at the same provide headshots to anyone who is interested.

You can find out all about Mark and his team here. I think you’ll see from the website that we are *pretty* lucky to have him coming along.

The organisation will be slightly different from previously announced:

Mark and his colleague Marianne will set up at the conference venue, and for £45 will take white background headshots (see here) on a rolling basis – i.e. no appointments. Delegates who are interested will pay on the day by card or Paypal terminal (no cash or cheques).

* * *

Photo Mark Earthy www.earthyphotography.co.uk This image is protected by Copyright

Photo Mark Earthy
This image is protected by Copyright

Mark is a former staff photographer for an international picture agency and he has covered editorial and sporting assignments all around the world (think FIFA World Cup Championships, UEFA, etc.) and photographed the American President George W. Bush in the Oval Office of the White House.

Mark has a vast experience in corporate & editorial photography and his editorial work and portrait assignments are regularly featured on the covers of numerous regional & national magazines and newspapers. He is a UK photographer for Sweden’s largest daily morning newspaper Dagens Nyheter and is contracted for Finland’s and the Nordic’s largest daily morning newspaper Helsingin Sanomat.


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