Media coverage of #W2D2017 and the legal translation profession

birdnewsHello dear readers. Here I am, back from our wonderful first physical WordstoDeeds event, and so grateful to all of the scintillating delegates.

I thought that, whether you were able to attend or not, a list of reports and commentary across different media channels might be useful.

  • Before the conference, on Friday 3 February 2017, #W2D2017 was featured in the column ‘The Brief’ of The Times newspaper, written by Frances Gibb and Jonathan Ames;
  • The highly respected legal correspondent Edward Fennell wrote a piece about #W2D2017 in his ‘Law Diary’ in The Times on Thursday 8 February 2017. I hope you will agree that this is really encouraging to raise awareness of our profession;
  • Margaret Marks posted on her blog Transblawg here and about universities and translators here;
  • Jennifer Whiteley published some reflections on her blog Lakesidelinguist;
  • Danae Hosek-Ugolini has written a conference report for the ITI Bulletin to be published in the next issue;
  • You can get a flavour of things by looking up the conference hashtag on Twitter #W2D2017.

Several delegates are now busy writing reports in other languages. French, Polish, German, Czech, and Greek are in the pipeline, so I’ll post links to these as soon as they become available.

If anyone can add other languages to this list it would be great – and do let me know so that I can post them here.

And don’t forget – as Frédéric Houbert tweeted – “Let’s make legal translation great again! (yes, we can)“… This is just the beginning. Keep roaring!!! 🙂


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