Monday smile – Tobleronegate Part 2

Almost exactly one year ago I posted about the effects of Brexit on the iconic Toblerone chocolate bar, and now the product is the subject of yet more controversy.

Earlier this year, the UK retailer Poundland decided to launch a bar called “Twin Peaks” (yes, really).

It apparently takes its shape from the The Wrekin (yes, really) and Ercall hills in Shropshire, UK. As opposed to the original bar which was modelled on the Matterhorn in the Alps.

The rival bar has a double row of triangles (‘Doblerone’?), unlike the single row of the original bar.

To find out more, including about the legal defence which included the distinctiveness of the brand held to have been “irretrievably abandoned” by recent changes, see The Guardian article from August, and the October article on the deal reached.

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