Monday smile – Legal challenge over Toblerone chunks?

toblerone… Not yet, but maybe soon.

UK consumers are enraged over the increased spaces between Toblerone chunks that have appeared recently. The change is only being applied in Britain at present.

It is being blamed on Brexit or a rise in commodity prices, depending on who you listen to.

You can find out all about it from the news agency Reuters here: Tobler-moan: UK fans bare sweet teeth over scaled-down chocolate bar.

In case you think this is a storm in a teacup, The Guardian reports that a Member of the Scottish Parliament “lodged a motion calling on the UK government to ‘take speedy action’ over the reduction in weight of Toblerone chocolate bars. The full text of his historic intervention bears repeating.” It reads:

Parliament notes with concern Mondolēz International’s recent decision to widen the gaps between the segments of the iconic Swiss chocolate bar, Toblerone, in the UK;

  • understands that this was made in order to allay rising costs for numerous ingredients;
  • believes that this is emblematic of the devastating consequences that Brexit could bring.

To find out even more:

Toblerone gets more gappy, but its fans are not happy

Try also the Twitter hashtag #TobleroneGate

tssuffolkThey have a sense of humour at the Trading Standards authority in Suffolk:







hat tip copyHat tip to Henrik Ismarker for the above record of the bar as it was in 2008. 🙂

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