Important! Public consultation on European judicial training

The Directorate-General Justice and Consumers of the European Commission has launched a public consultation entitled “Training of justice professionals on EU law – From evaluation to the new 2019-2025 strategy“.

The Commission states:

“This consultation is open to all citizens and stakeholders interested in the future European judicial training strategy. […] The justice professionals are the practitioners involved in the justice system such as judges, prosecutors, court staff, bailiffs or enforcement officers, lawyers, notaries, mediators, legal interpreters and translators, court experts, prison management and staff, probation officers.

So I would like to encourage all readers to complete the survey and to share it as widely as possible. If enough of us explain why an understanding of how translation and interpreting is crucial for justice, and needs to be high on the agenda when training justice professionals, then we may be able to significantly raise awareness and the profile of our profession.

You can find the survey page here, and the questionnaire is accessible in English, French, and German, while contributions may be submitted in any of the official EU languages. The questionnaire takes between 15 and 30 minutes to complete.

Let’s take this opportunity to roar about the profession! 🙂

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