Conference – The Right to Languages, Valencia, Spain

The Law School at València University in Spain is the venue for the First International Conference on the Right to Languages: Linguistic Policies and Translation and Interpreting in Public Services and Institutions, from 15 to 17 June 2022.

“Academia, but also societies and institutions, have become increasingly aware of the diversity that surrounds us, of how the linguistic needs of different communities diverge, and of the different opportunities that languages open and close to those who speak them.” […]

“This conference seeks to articulate a forum to foreground the diversity of situations and solutions from multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary, and transdisciplinary perspectives. The congress wishes to become a call for sharing the visions brought by the different disciplines of political and legal science, translation, interpretation and communication studies, discursive and social work, but also from the fields of policy-making to bring to light problems and devise solutions.”

The Organizing Committee invites proposals for individual presentations, round tables, or posters of a theoretical, critical, methodological, empirical, practical or didactic nature on these and other topics related to national, cross-border, and international public services and institutions:

  • Linguistic Justice
  • Linguistic Injustice
  • Language Rights
  • Language Policies
  • Conjectures and Structures
  • Inclusion
  • Language Usage

To consult the call for papers click here.

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