Book publication – Interdisciplinary Comparative Law

Just before the summer saw the publication of ‘Interdisciplinary Comparative Law: Rubbing Shoulders with the Neighbours or Standing Alone in a Crowd‘ by Jaakko Husa.

In particular, Chapter 3 addresses the significance of language for comparative law by asking what is comparative law’s relation to other disciplines that study language? The chapter focuses on legal translation but also discusses, more generally, comparative legal linguistics and its relation to the comparative study of law.


  1. Alone in a crowded room?
  2. History – more than water under the bridge?
  3. Language – words, only words?
  4. Imagination, culture, comparative law
  5. Economy – path dependence and legal origins
  6. Society – comparative law and social theory
  7. Law – over the borders
  8. Adapt and improvise? 

For full details of the book, see the publisher’s website here.


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