Monday smiles – a burning question

Today’s contribution comes from my very good friend Mary Lynn, via South Africa.


This took place in Charlotte, North Carolina.  A lawyer purchased a box of very rare and expensive cigars, then insured them against, among other things, fire.

Within a month, having smoked his entire stockpile of these great cigars, the lawyer filed a claim against the insurance company. In his claim, the lawyer stated the cigars were lost ‘in a series of small fires.’ Continue reading

Monday smiles – light bulbs and arks

As my readers may have guessed by now, I do think that a sprinkling of fun is important in life. Today I have two little texts for you – one lampoons lawyers (my apologies in advance, but hopefully you have a good sense of humo(u)r), and the other bureaucracy and nanny States (no apologies there…!)

So, first “How many lawyers does it take to change a light bulb?”

And second, “Noah’s Ark Today” (the subject of which is definitely not specific to Canada!)

The texts were posted on an award-winning blog with the unexpected name “Law is Cool“, which addresses “issues related to law school and the legal field with a Canadian focus”.

Have a good week!

Mixed metaphors

Not strictly a guest post, but a delightful nugget found and sent in to me by Mary Lynn, a former Vice-Consul well versed in administrative burden, and reader of this blog. The trial order came to the attention of the press in August, so you may have seen it, but if you haven’t – enjoy!

A Kentucky judge, Martin Sheehan, received news of a settlement in a bitter legal malpractice suit he had been overseeing. Sheehan summed up his feelings about the development in an order cancelling the trial: Kissel v. Schwartz & Maines & Ruby Co., LPA, et al.

Credits: Reuters/Underhill.