Federation of Belgian notaries offers great resource

158693608_aea3af624c_zThis week I discovered a really useful website which is offered by the Fédération Royale du Notariat Belge – intended to inform the general public, it includes video guides and fact sheets on a number of key topics.

The resource is currently available in French and Dutch, and there are also short explanatory introductions to the profession of notary in 20 other languages.

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EU moves to liberalize the profession of French notaires

Arie de Vois - Portrait of a Notary

Arie de Vois – Portrait of a Notary

Europe denounces the monopoly of notaries, as well as the condition of access to the profession, both of which are considered not competitive. Moves were already under discussion in the drafting of Directive 2006/123/EC on services in the internal market, but had been shelved. A CJEU ruling in 2011 determined that notarial activities are in the field of competition, and a recent Council recommendation (see page 5) has underscored that ruling.

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