Federation of Belgian notaries offers great resource

158693608_aea3af624c_zThis week I discovered a really useful website which is offered by the Fédération Royale du Notariat Belge – intended to inform the general public, it includes video guides and fact sheets on a number of key topics.

The resource is currently available in French and Dutch, and there are also short explanatory introductions to the profession of notary in 20 other languages.

At present the (French) topics comprise the following, which are then broken down into sub-sections:

As far as I can ascertain, the topics in Dutch reflect the above.

In my opinion, the website is really clear and well laid out. In addition to being available within each section, the video guides can be found collected together in the section “Notaire TV” (French) or “Notaris-TV” (Dutch).

The “Sociétés & asbl” / “Ondernemen” section could be of particular use to those wanting information, in accessible language, about types of companies, how they are set up, administered, taxed, and much more.

Lastly, there are a number of downloadable PDF brochures (French) here and here in Dutch.



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